This blog is personal and it's written and updated by myself.

This blog DOES NOT encourage the consumption of alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful for your health (http://enjoyresponsibly.co.uk , https://www.drinkaware.co.uk). Wine should be enjoyed responsibly. 

This blog promotes the culture of fine wine as form of expression of the human culture and expression of earth's best Terroirs. 

Fine Wine has to be appreciated for its Quality, not for its Quantity.

The tasting notes reported in this blog are just for my personal enjoyment and to share my opinions with my friends. Everyone is free to comment and debate on my notes.

If any of the notes or comments result offensive to you, please write to me and I'll discuss with you how to update the material (including removing it from the blog if this is necessary).

Although I try my best to publish accurate information, I cannot promise or guarantee that the information reported on the blog are always accurate or up-to-date. 

The tasting notes are written after I taste a wine from a bottle purchased on the market: this means that my notes are referring ONLY to that vintage and, most importantly, ONLY to that bottle. Bottle variation is a well know issue in wine, and it is exacerbated with older bottles. So my notes cannot be generalized and they HAVE TO be considered valid ONLY for that particular bottle I'm tasting. 

If the wine is re-tasted from many bottles I will indicate it in the note.

All the material reported here IS NOT and NEVER WILL BE intended as source of advertising, solicitation, legal advice, or a source of referrals.

Moreover, although I try to evaluate each wine with honesty and accordingly to the 5 criteria reported on my Home Page, the notes and the opinions reported on the blog CANNOT be intended as PROFESSIONAL material.

Indeed I strongly advise you don't follow my opinion. Wine tasting is absolutely a personal experience. With this blog I want to share my experience with you each time I taste a wine and I'm happy to know your comments and opinions back if you wish to share them with me.
Never my notes are or will be intended to stimulated you to purchase the wines I like or to demotivate you in purchasing the wines that I don't like.      

I do not accept samples of wines to be evaluated.

If you organize a wine tasting and you would like to invite me, I'm happy to come but only if I am able to pay the entrance ticket.

If you have a winery/vineyard and you would like me to visit, I'll try to come during one of my next holidays. I do not accept any monetary compensation, travel tickets, discounts etc. for my writing.  

If you want to offer me some slice of sourdough bread and good salami, I'll make an exception but I hope to be able to bring something to the table as well. 

I do not have any advert on my blog. I get zero income from writing this blog.



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