Marketing Geniuses

This bottle really caught my attention whilst shopping at ALDI.
Why? Because I looked at it and thought "You naughty geniuses. What a marketing!"

  • Grande Alberone -> recalling Amarone (indeed even the glass shape is pretty identical).

  • Zinfandel -> instead of Primitivo (I wonder how they got away with obtaining the 'IGT' demonination).

  • 'Platinum Collection', 'Private Edition' -> What the hell does it mean?? :-D Let's call it self-praising bullshitting :-D although of course it works as luring technique.

  • Add a tag with some nice review from Olly Smith (Luca Maroni in Italy).

  • Heavy embossed bottle, good quality cork, £7.99. Consider in UK you have £2+ just of duties, add transport, VAT, margins, you wonder what sort of plonk is left inside the bottle.

Wrong. The wine is very well made. In fact, extremely well made. Ripe/dried red and black fruits, 15% alcohol is well hidden, smooth tannins, low acidity, high residual sugar. Everything in impeccable balance.
Of course it's not the most concentrated wine, it has not a great spine, not a great backbone, but very good muscles. It will probably fall apart into the aldehydic chasm in few years, but not in the next 2+ years. Not great complexity, but good balance for sure.

Definitely a crowd-pleaser. You can consider it like a baby version of the sort of show-off Primitivo wines that are quite trendy these days (see e.g. Gianfranco Fino's 'ES' - one of my least favourite wine, but a critics' favourite).  

An uber-modern wine, from winemaking to marketing. No need to use any terroir trick. It works well just like that. It will be most likely sold-out before the Easter Weekend is gone!

Overall impressive for the price. V. Good value for money, if you like the style. But still wondering why not selling this for even less by adopting lighter bottles and a screw-cap. Of course, marketing, I keep forgetting!

All my mates (not the sort of wine boffins) loved it.
What about me? I had two glasses, which is remarkably more than what my snobby pretentious nose was expecting!



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