Better a broken Ferrari or a working FIAT?

I've got this anonymous Brunello from LIDL to be served with Easter Lunch. 
Nor producer, neither sub-zone of production is indicated. However, the wine has the DOCG guarantee on the label (which tells you how useless and insignificant is the DOCG system, implemented like that). 

Anyway, £15 for a great vintage such as the 2010 sounds like a bargain.

Indeed an offer too good to be true. 

The wine is OK-ish. Fully mature, it won't get better. No great structure. Some cherries and damp old oak. 

It's not horrible, but neither very good. And it leaves you with the question: "How many other very good wines could I have purchased by spending these £15 somewhere else?" So many nice Chiantis around, or even a Rosso di Montalcino from a good producer, or some real bargain from Piemonte or Spain...      

If your aim is to buy a Brunello just for the sake of having a Brunello label on your table, then go ahead. If, instead, you want a bottle that brings you in a trip along enchanted vineyards and talks to you about a sense of place, then go and buy something else - maybe a minor, humbler label, which will give you a more authentic experience.



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