An Anti-Brexit Wine Dinner

Why on Earth one of the most powerful and rich country in Europe decided to shoot in its own feet with such a Brexit referendum it remains a mystery to me. Of course the eternal battle between Eros and Thanatos -you would say- but I thought this was so distant from the Britannic culture. 

The European countries often referred to Britain as the "Perfidious Albion". However in this case the decision to leave EU does not look Perfidious at all to me. Yes, it's extremely selfish -because the main reason to leave was "keep to yourself all these masses of migrants"- but it's also very short sided - because, honestly speaking, EU can thrive without UK, whilst the opposite it's difficult to be stated. 

Anyway, what really surprises me is a fact which has cultural more than economic nature. Statistics have shown that the %age of 'yes-leave' it was directly proportional to the age of the voting population. I grew up in Italy and I was used to seeing old people like the ones that 'remain' by definition. They were the generation that was used to repair things 100 times before throwing them away - they were repairing socks, shoes, toys, marriages, clay jars - and all the sort of things we today consider replaceable- before buying new ones. They were the last to give up, the first ready to reconstruct things from rubbles. So what has happened this time in UK is totally alien to me. 

Probably the young Millennial Generation is much wiser than the old one? Probably the Millennial Generation  is much closer to their grandparents (or gran grandparents) generation than to their parents one?  However it does not really matter, because the old generation has won again. It has managed, once again, to suffocate the new generations's dreams and hopes. It has managed, once again, to pass a disastrous inheritance to their posters. It was not enough to have sucked the majority of the natural resources out from this Planet to create a questionable sort of economy which flirts more with social disparity and instability than common happiness. No, it was not enough. 

It's for this reason that we have met last night with few dear friends and drunk some European bottle - from English sparkling rose' wine down to a Sicilian Nerello from Faro, passing from Pomerol and Ribera del Duero (*). 

We wanted to raise a toast to all of you that still believe in repairing things before throwing them away, to all of you that still believe in trying to make it work before leaving,  to all of you that still believe that happiness matters more than profit, to all of you that still believe that we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors but we borrow it from our children.     

To all of you, Cheers!

(*) The bottles in the pictures are:

- Nyetimber Rose' 2008: a serious sparkling wine with subtle summer fruits and all the complexity of Champagne. I wish, in general, English sparkling was just a bit cheaper. Maybe Brexit will help? 

- Enza la Fauci, Faro DOC Obli' 2012: very far in style from burgundian examples such as Palari, not for this reason less interesting. Here it's all about a dark and velvety core of wild damson, spices and herbs. Savoury and food friendly. Alcohol flies in stealth-mode, completely invisible. Stunning drinkability.

- Goyo García Viadero Ribera del Duero 'Finca Viñas de Arcilla' 2010: Goyo started making his wines in 2003 with a 'natural' winemaking philosophy inspired by winemakers such as Pierre Overnoy from Jura. This cuvee is 100% Tinto Fino sourced from a very old clay-rich vineyard, at the elevation of 800 a.s.l. Very dark and full, yet complex and vibrant. A hint of Brett add further charm to this intriguing wine. Lovely tannic structure. This was the winner of the night.    

- La Croix St. Georges Pomerol 2012: Located on the gravelly and clay-rich plateau opposite to Château Petit Village and between Vieux Château Certan and Le Pin, this producer offers plush, fleshy examples of merlot-dominated Pomerol wines. Batonnage in cigar-shaped barrels is considered the house trick to achieve the voluptuous characteristics of this wine (video).  It needs few years in the cellar to gain complexity and be fully expressive. 


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