Selvapiana `Vigneto Bucerchiale` Chianti Rufina Riserva 2007 (3.6/5)

The Sangiovese grapes come from Bucerchiale vineyard, in the Chianti Rufina region.
- 150-200 mt a.s.l.
- exposure south/southeast
- old vines planted between 1968 and 1995 
- clay and limestone soil 
- plant density between 2,500 and 5,200 vines per hectare. 
- Organic production.

Vinification is in a pretty much traditional style:
- Long macerations (25 days)
- Quite high fermentation temperatures (30 C)
- Ageing in medium size oak barrels, with only small percentages of new wood. 

I usually love Rufina for it's verve (great acidity) and austerity (important tannic structure), things that -unfortunately- are not so trendy amongst new wine-lovers. You may want to read Stephen Brook (at this link) for more details on Chianti Rufina.

Contrary to my preferences, 2007 produced supple and ripe wines, and this Selvapiana Bucerchiale is not an exception. This is a wine of great quality and irreproachable integrity. But I think the 2007 edition cannot be considered a classical one and this Bucerchiale is far from the traditional house style. Too ripe, alcohol is out of balance, it lacks real tension (I invite you to taste the 2009 vintage to understand what I mean and what peaks this wine can reach). Complexity is saved by pleasant animal/leather notes and liquorice complementing the ripe red fruits. Overall, this wine is far away from what I like from Rufina. With nearly 10 years on its shoulders this is probably over its peak and I doubt it can improve with further ageing. 
I look forward to taste and post reviews of more recent vintages that should be back to the fresher and more vibrant style Selvapiana is renowned for.  


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