Valturio, Il Sangiovese di Montefeltro

Roberto Valturio (1405–1475) was an Italian engineer and writer whose family was from Macerata Feltria, a comune in the Province of Pesaro-Urbino in the Italian region Marche. He is famous for having been the author of the military treatise De Re Militari.

Valturio has given the name to the winery founded by Adriano Galli and Isabella Santarelli in 2002. The winery was established in the restored Palazzo Valturio (Macerata Feltria) with aim of bringing back to life the production of high quality wine in the region of Montefeltro - located at the cross between Marche, Toscana e Romagna. 

Vineyards are planted with a density 7000 to 10000 vines per hectare at around 450 meters above sea level and extend for 11 hectares on a west-facing marly/sandstone amphitheater featuring slopes that reach 40%. Grapes are hand harvested. The altitude and day/night temperature variations give wines of great elegance and pristine scents. In this terroir Sangiovese grapes ripen in mid-October, rather than September as in the lowlands.

Valturio 2008 (4.2/5)

The label reproduces a sketch from Valturio's De Re Militari depicting the Arabica machina, so named because, according to Valturio, it was invented by the Arabs. This dragon-shaped weapon was mounted on rollers and featured a cannon in its mouth.

The wine appears medium ruby with good tears. Textbook hue, clarity and intensity of a mature Sangiovese. This is already hint of a great integrity and consistency.
On the nose it's clean offering, with med+ intensity, notes of cherries, fresh violets (tons of them), unsmoked tobacco leaves, coffee and cedar from French wood.
On the palate is dry, with med+ tannins, refreshing med+ acidity, medium alcohol, med+ body with very good concentrated mid palate and good flavour intensity. Med+ finish.
Very Good quality, with very good integrity with respect varietal and terroir. Exactly as sangiovese should be, lean and resolute, with firm and serious backbone, far from jammy opulence. Un Signor Vino. 
I think the wine is at its peak and can be drunk now, although will keep for 5+ years. High Price, 100% Sangiovese, Montefeltro, Marche, Italy.


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