Elena Fucci Titolo Aglianico del Vulture 2013 (3.7/5)

Elena Fucci is a young 'artisanal' producer from Basilicata. She is a rising super-star for what concerns the production of Aglianico from the sub-region of Vulture. Her 'Titolo' (named after the volcanic territory where her vineyard is located) has been awarded, year after year, with the most prestigious recognitions from Italian and international critics. She releases on the market only this single label, focusing on it all her efforts and passion.  

Tasting Notes
This 2013 Titolo appears clear, deep ruby-garnet with very good and slowly-dropping tears. On the nose it's clean offering, with med+ intensity, notes of Taif rose petals, red fruits and rhubarb, fresh rosemary and spices (juniper amongst all, hints of vanilla). Oak is well integrated. Very ethereal and fruity, definitely a feminine interpretation of Aglianico. It took me by surprise because it's not very varietal neither possesses any particular mineral verve at this stage. It smells like Grenache more than Aglianico.    
On the palate Aglianico's personality is back with its dry features, med+ acidity, med+ tannins, med+ alcohol, med+ body, concentrated mid-palate (low yielding old-vines) and med+ finish. 
Very Good quality. Although approachable now, this is way too young to express its full potential, better to lay-down for 5-years or so. Premium Price. 100% Aglianico del Vulture, Barile, Basilicata, Italy.

Postilla: Low fermentation temperatures (read good fruit expression and lower tannins extraction) and the use of new French barriques (read controlled wine oxygenation) are two key elements in the production of this wine. I suppose these choices are aimed to tame the wild Aglianico's tannins and I suppose they give rise to the ethereal and fruity features of this Titolo. A wine with personality, but not the style of Aglianico I like... de gustibus non disputandum est.
I'm just trying to imagine, in a sort of gedankenexperiment (or better a gedrunkenexperiment) what peaks this wine could reach if produced in the way Mascarello/Cappellano/Rinaldi make their Barolos or Soldera his Brunello. With such a quality of fruit, the result would be probably head to head, if not even more intriguing. Of course I understand making this sort of 'Riserva' would be a practically anti-economical effort for a young producer like Elena Fucci, and probably not the style she would like to use to express her own personality. So, for the moment, I can just keep day-dreaming aided by the voluptuous caress of this Titolo 2013...  


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