Cascina degli Ulivi 'Mounbe' 2006 (4.3/5)

Mounbe' means 'Montebello', the name of the area (in Piedmont) where the vineyards belonging to Cascina degli Ulivi are located. A 'Natural' (see the Film 'Natural Resistance' by J. Nossiter) red wine produced by Stefano Bellotti, the 'Pasolini of Italian agriculture' (as described by Nossiter), using Barbera grapes bio-dynamically farmed on clay-rich soils. The wine is produced in an artisan way, without (or with minimal) SO2 addition, and aged for 1 year in large oak barrels. High quality and genuine grapes, high tannins, marked acidity, reasoned oxygenation and lees contact during winemaking ensure extreme vitality and age-ability to this wine full of character. 

The wine is still dark ruby/purple notwithstanding nearly 10year of age. Developed Boise' notes from wood, ashes, olives, black mulberries and fleshy cherries, violets, garden herbs and mineral notes give very good complexity to this wine. Alcohol is high but well integrated and in balance with the strong acid/tannic counterpart. Lively Authentic. 

Very good quality, high price, 100% Barbera, Novi Ligure, Piemonte, Italy. 


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