Ar.Pe.Pe Sassella Rocce Rosse 2005 (4.7/5)

 Why Nebbiolo (like Pinot Noir) can be so sublime? Because it's not a grape, it's just a carrier of Terroir.

This Sassella Riserva Rocce Rosse produced by the renowned Ar.Pe.Pe represents the peak of Valtellina enological production. A masterpiece of the Alpine Terroir. Vineyards are located at 400/500mt above see level facing south/east with grass freely growing between the vine rows. 
Grapes are handled by means of traditional methods, with extended macerations of 35days and long ageing in large chestnut barrels and then concrete. Produced in about 10.000 bottle, only in outstanding vintages.

The wine appears medium(-) ruby garnet with good legs, it expresses layers of vibrant cherries, cola nuts, quinine, nutmeg, dried flowers and leather. Superbe terroir driven wine. On the palate is dry, medium acidity, medium tannins completely rounded up by 10years of patient ageing, medium alcohol, medium body with intense mid malate and medium+ finish.  More delicate than Piedmont's Nebbiolos. It is so balanced, elegant and poised! 

Outstanding quality, Premium Price, 100% Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca), Valtellina, Lombardia, Italy.


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