Finca la Cañada Aromaz 2012 (4/5)

This notes have been sent to me by Florence after she found this exceptional bargain from Spain. 
Although I have not personally tasted the wine I'm more than happy to report here Florence's notes as I know she has a great and honest hunting palate! Enjoy

Lighter than a full bodied wine, which i like! But with good concentration.
Aromaz is a wine that was born in the village of Moral de Calatrava, Castilla.
Tempranillo grapes, Blackcurrant/cherry character with earthy and mineral complements. 
The wine has been made using traditional methods dating back to 
the times of roman domination. Nice old world wine :-)

Outstanding quality and great value for money! It tastes much more expensive than its price tag would make you think.

To be said on day2 the wine lost part of its quality.


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