The New California Wine - A Tasting

This Tasting was inspired by the book (in the picture) "The New California Wine" by Jon Bonne'. Really a very interesting book from an amazing wine expert that has spent lots of words and efforts against the "Big Flavour" wines that have been tailored to satisfy the extravagant (but powerful) palate of a part of the American wine critics, seeking after their majestic approval and the release of the Holy Grail... the 100 points...

The wines reported here are simply different. Their are full of personality and, more than wines, they are carriers of their Terroir. 
Terroir, by means of a metamorphosis, becomes liquid form and expresses itself through the wine.
Actually, much more than a metamorphosis, I think Terroir gets into wine like a Quantum Wave Collapse, that is when an initial superposition of several states (Terroir is the superposition of many things) appears to reduce to a single state (The Wine) by the "observation" performed at that particular instant by the winemaker. 

After this quantum-poetic digression, let me report some tasting notes:


Cool black fruits and very floral, mint, tarragon, mineral crushed rocks, tobacco leaves, some sweet spices. Elegant and kaleidoscopic nose. On the palate has a good attack with bracing acidity supporting a good core of fruit, med+ tannins and medium alcohol. Very good persistence. This is an old-school Napa Cab and has grace and numbers for ageing and improving for more than a decade. Outstanding quality, 80% Cabernet Sauvignon 20% Merlot, Napa Valley, California.

WIND GAP, ARMAGH VINEYARD SYRAH 2012 [bottle no. 1891] (4.5/5)

Captivating aromas of brambles, black olives and black pepper, thyme and mineral-salty notes like oysters shells. Amazingly juicy, yet complex and deep. Such a beauty with a ridiculously 12.5%vol in alcohol. This is magic. Velvety tannins and good acidity. Substantial mid palate and Medium finish. This can still gain some complexity with few years in bottle, but it's so delicious now... too hard to resist... Syrah, Sonoma Coast, California.


This is a blend of something like 30 different varieties coming from very old vines. The wine character is dominated by Zinfandel with raspberries liqueur, plums, rhubarb, cherries, some blueberries, cedar and coffee beans, liquorice, rose petals and spices. Smooth on the palate, supple medium tannins, med+ acidity, med+ alcohol. Good persistence. It has good complexity but it's a bit on the hot side, especially when compared with the other two wines on the table. By the way it's very expressive and went really well with food. Zinfandel blend, Sonoma Valley, California.



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