Tenute Dettori Tuderi Badde Nigolosu 2007 (4.4/5)


Preface: First of all, similarly to Ridge Winery, this wine has a 'transparent' label: it reports all the ingredients used during winemaking (grapes and sulphur in this case)!!  (see discussion here).
Notes: It appears clear, medium ruby with garnet rim and very good tears. On the nose it's clean offering M+ intensity of ripe strawberries and macerated cherries some white spiciness and liquorice a touch of garrigue and figs, rose petals too. No oak influence. On the palate is dry (although there is a perception of fruity sweetness), with M acidity, M tannins, M+/high alcohol, M+ body, with and delicate but warm and persistent finish. If you like Grenache, this is a must try!
Very Good quality, Drink Now or in the next few years, High Price. 100% Cannonau di Sardegna (Grenache), Sennori, Romangia, Sardinia, Italy .


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