Jen Pfeiffer The Diamond Merlot 2012 (4.1/5)


Notes: It appears deep ruby with some purple flashes, good tears. On the nose it's clean offering medium intensity of crunchy red fruits, sweet violets, chalky notes, followed by lightly toasted coffee beans on milk chocolate. On the palate is dry, with biting med+ to high acidity, med alcohol, medium+ body with good grip on mid palate leading to a med/med+ finish.
Great matching with food (I had this with sausages and swiss chard and black olives) and the wine acidity was cutting perfectly trough. Unusual for a Merlot. It's quite funny actually that many "new world" Merlots perfectly marry "old world" cuisine, while many "old world" Merlots are following trends that make them untenable on the table. C'est la vie...
Very Good quality, Drink Now or hold up to 10 years, Medium/High Price. Merlot, Victoria, Australia.


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