Bodegas El Nido Clio 2011 (3.9/5)


Notes: It appears deep impenetrable inky black-purple with good tears. On the nose it's clean offering intense notes of blackcurrants and bramble compote, juicy morello cherries, cream caramel, white pepper and cedar. On the palate is dry, with medium acidity, medium+ plush tannins, very high alcohol (15.5%), full body with good thick attack packed with great flavor intensity, decent mid palate and med+ finish.
When I tasted it blind I've mistaken it for some  "new boutique project" stellar-priced Napa Cab: on one hand this is good, because you pay "just" $30 for Clio compared to $150+ Napa boutique Cab; on the other hand the wine has very little sense of place (or integrity with respect grape and terroir). Very difficult to identify this was 70% Monastrell (and only 30% Cabernet Sauvignon). Very difficult to say was coming from Spain. After all this is designed for the U.S. market, and if you like modern style high-end Napa Cab, this over-deliver for a fraction of the price.  An hedonistic effort ready to drink now but will keep and evolve in the coming years. Premium Price. Jumilla, Spain.

NOTE: on day 2 the wild meaty-herby-savory-earthy components (that make Monastrell so nicely distinctive) seem to appear more evident, so that the wine re-acquire part of his identity and sense of place. It's nearly like the natural personality of the wine is freeing itself from the technological cage in which the winemaking effort wanted to trap it. Nature having her revenge on the market ?? :-)


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