Olivier Cousin "Soleil de Samonios" Moelleux 2008 (3.9/5)


Notes: Here we are in presence of a "Natural Wine", very tricky to judge. It appears kind of hazy/dull gold to amber with good tears. On the nose it's offering clear tangy oxidized notes in a style not dissimilar from some sherries or even a young madeira. It offers medium intensity, fully developed, caramel, almonds, apples, honey, dates and raisins, creme brulee, ginger bread. Very Complex. On the palate has balanced sweetness and acidity, medium alcohol, medium body with medium flavor intensity. Medium to Medium+ finish.
Good quality in its originality, Drink Now or hold, Premium Price. Chenin Blanc, Vin du Pays des Ande Caves, Loire, France.


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