Medi Valley Merlot "Incanto" Single Vineyard 2012 (4/5)


Notes: It appears deep ruby with young purple core, good legs. On the nose it's clean offering med+ intensity of vanilla/cedar/mocha (this needs bottle age or a lot of breathing as oak is too intrusive at the moment), then damsons/ ripe plums. On the palate is dry, med-low acidity, high alcohol, medium+ body with solid fruit core and mellow tannins. Plush. Med+ finish.
Good quality, Give it one year or two for the oak to be integrated. Merlot, Thrace, Struma River Valley, Bulgaria.

Technically very well done, modern styled merlot. I was hoping the mark "Single Vineyard" on the label was hint to some sense of place (Terroir). But no. Unfortunately the wine is just a good merlot, and in a blind tasting could come from anywhere.
I believe it's very important that "new" countries, recently appearing in the international wine scene, bring some fresh air to the world of wine and do not just follow the (wrong) example of "old" (and tired) countries.      
Wine is not for "enchanting" people. Wine is for revealing the truth and beauty of the land.
People are gaining consciousness on wine and are stopping to behave like mice enchanted by the Piper of Hamelin...


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