M. Chapoutier Ermitage 2006 Le Meal vs. 2006 Les Greffieux ...and the winner is...

From the 4 red wines produced by Chapoutier from the several single vineyards owned on the Hermitage - Le Pavillon, L’Ermite, Le Meal and Les Greffieux- we have tasted and compared the last two for what concern the vintage 2006.

All these single vineyard wines come from very low yields (15 hL/hectare), biodynamically farmed and certified by Demeter. The grapes are fully destemmed and extended macerations are allowed up to 6 weeks. No more than 50% of new oak barrels are used and the wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered.  Les Greffieux plot was the last of the 4 to be acquired by Chapoutier and the wine made his debut in 2001 (while Le Meal was out in 1996).

Both wines are undoubtedly modern in style but with great balance and finesse and great obession to respect the terroir. Both are 100% Syrah and, apart from differences in nuances and structure, the integrity is maximum for both (5 points) of them. The balance between (velvety thick) tannins, alcohol, acidity and fruit depth is perfect in Les Greffieux (5) while Le Meal lack a bit the lift of acidity and is more direct and forward and a bit less tannic structure (4). LG is a shade darker in color than LM and also the nose is more shifted towards black/blue fruits rather than red ones. Spices, cedar and olive tapenade (actually imagine to suck the stone of a black olive previously roasted in ashes) are present in both wines, with LM resulting a bit more evolved today. LG is a bit more fresh and fruity, while LM is more liquor kind of fruit.  
The complexity is very good in both wines (4).  LG is however more deep, with better persistence  and longer finish (4.5) than LM (4).
Overall two very good wines. Modern but with great respect of grape and terroir, and definitely delicious and succulent in their style (hedonism 4.5).
Quantity are very limited, therefore prices are Premium for both. Drink now with 10+ potential for LG, 8+ for LM.

Final score
Les Greffieux = 4.6
Le Meal = 4.3

So, for this time La Meal is not "the best"! and the Winner is Les Greffieux! 
Really enjoyed!


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